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Sports and recreation

There is little that is more close to locals hearts than the ethereal beauty of our natural landscapes here, and we strive to make the most of it every day, whether we're out paddleboarding on Sproat Lake, scuba diving at China Creek or hiking the Log Train trail.

We don't just take advantage of our West Coast wilderness ourselves; sports and recreation in the Alberni Valley draws a multitude of world-class events and participants around the globe, from the BC Games to the Tall Ships Challenge hosted by the Port Alberni Tall Ships Society. Residents here can often be seen out cheering for friends and family, or watching the riveting competitions unfold in the many tournaments held throughout the year.

If you want an easy way to stay up-to-date on all the sports, recreation, events and attractions of the Alberni Valley, including the Bulldogs' hockey schedule, download the MyAlberni app, and experience the area in a new virtual way.

The Best Of Vancouver Island Mountain Biking

Vancouver Island mountain biking

We are the host city for the BC Bike Race, a seven day mountain bike endurance race that takes riders through the heart of Vancouver Island and over the Strait of Georgia to Whistler. We also host the part of the Island Cup Series, where cross country, downhill, enduro and marathon disciplines are welcomed with local mountain bike clubs.

There's no better way to immerse yourself in the wonder of our forests, mountain ranges, and custom-built trails that incorporate wooden bridges over ravines, knotted pathways and more. The challenge of our Vancouver Island mountain biking courses are all part of the adventure.

Read more about Vancouver Island mountain biking & local trails, visit BC Bike Race, or The Island Cup.

Bulldogs Hockey, Hiking, Golf & More!

Bulldogs hockey

We also take great pride in our junior "A" ice hockey team, the Alberni Valley Bulldogs, who often draw a large crowd to their home games at Weyerhaeuser Arena. Many team members have participated in the World Under-17 hockey championships, which was hosted in Port Alberni in 2009. At The Dave Team we are huge fans of Bulldogs hockey. As a significant sponsor you may see our banner that sits behind the players bench.

Discovering sports and recreation in the Alberni Valley wouldn't be complete without journeying through some of our renowned hiking spots including the breathtaking and tranquil majesty of Cathedral Grove. Located in MacMillan Provincial Park, with entry points off the Alberni Highway 16 km east of Port Alberni, this is an unforgettable excursion through old-growth wonder. Stroll the network of trails and lay your hands on the trunks of douglas firs that are more than 800 years old.

For a more wide-open outdoor experience, locals can enjoy membership at our Alberni Valley Golf Club, or one of our many field sports teams that include soccer, field hockey lawn bowling, softball and more. Visit the city website and access more information on living healthy in the valley.

Are you a hockey family? Why not search for real estate near our hockey arena for easy early morning commutes! For more information on local real estate or sports and recreation in the Alberni Valley, call us: 250.723.7653.

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