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Port Alberni is known for its picturesque natural surroundings, but it is also known for a thriving sports lifestyle and dynamic car culture. Many local residents here have a classic car or restoration in progress that takes up well-worn space and spare time in the garage.

These sleek and stylish vehicles are carefully rolled out for the annual classic car show, hosted by the Valley Street Rods. It's an event that features nearly everything from motorcycles and soapbox cars to off road and tractors, all showcased amidst memorabilia of Port Alberni's automobile history.  

Along with everything real estate, Dave has a keen interest in and passion for rally racing. He has been gaining some followers for his talents on the rally racing track, and he has participated in the Targa Newfoundland 2007 Rally Race. His rally car was even displayed at the Toronto Auto Show for the History of Canadian Rally Racing in 2013! Dave also participates in and sponsors the annual Spring Thaw and Fall Freeze classic car rally races.

Rally racing

Project Valdy: A Classic Car Restoration Story

Classic cars

The vintage restoration of a Porsche owned by singer Valdy is also a local project underway for Dave. His passion for classic cars is no better evidenced than in this one-of-a-kind project. The 1967 Porsche 912 began its journey to rescue when Dave discovered it on the side of the road, and after doing some research was fascinated to learn it was once owned by the well-known Canadian folk musician, Valdy. Although Dave hadn't originally intended to complete a restoration on the car, once he found out the history, he changed his mind and took on the task of restoring it to its former glory.

Dave developed a team of car enthusiasts to help with the comprehensive transformation project, including RWM & Co. The Porsche, known as "Valdy" has become a keen point of interest in the car world. We will continue to post blogs and pictures of the project as the classic car receives its well-deserved make over.

To read more about the work that Dave and team are doing on Valdy, visit RWM & Co., or Classic Car Adventures.

Thunder In The Valley: The Excitement Of Port Alberni Drag Racing

Rally racing isn't the only popular racing event here. Port Alberni's drag racing event, Thunder in The Valley, is a huge local attraction that sees nearly the whole town and plenty of visitors arriving for the annual spectacle of roaring engines, high speeds and burnout box smoke shows. The Dave Team is involved in this event as well, and we sponsor cars here every year.

This is the only 1/4 mile race on Vancouver Island, which has been a popular activity for thousands of spectators going on 14 years. Hundreds of drivers come out to compete in a variety of classes that include Pro, Super Pro, Doorslammer, Modified, Street and Bike. The car show is held in conjunction with this event.

Thunder In The Valley

Are you interested in being sponsored by Dave in a rally race, or would like to know more about Valdy, or the annual classic car show and Thunder In The Valley? Let us know!  Email us or give us a call for more info: 250.723.7653.

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