Your Home's Fall Checklist

Posted by Dave Koszegi on Wednesday, September 27th, 2017 at 9:13am.


Autumn is the perfect time of year to create that to-do list and tackle home repair projects before the colder, shorter days of winter come. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry! We’ve done half of the work for you (sort of…).

Whether it’s your Port Alberni home you’re preparing for fall - or your Sproat Lake recreational property – we’ve got you covered.

We’ve created your home maintenance checklist so that you can rest easy knowing that your investment is ready for winter. You can even do most of these in an hour or so over your next weekend!

Your Autumn Home Checklist:

Wipe and store outdoor furniture – since the days of sun bathing on the deck are coming to an end, take the time to clean your patio furniture and store it away for the rainy, cold months.

Clean gutters– once the leaves have fallen, make sure to clean out your gutters so they don’t get clogged during rainstorms, which can lead to water pooling and damage your roof or siding.

Consider adding weather-stripping to windows and doors –this is a simple, cost-effective, heat boosting method that will cut energy costs in the colder months. 

Rake leaves – before it begins to snow, it is important to rake leaves off the ground, as leaving them under the snow can inhibit spring growth. Raking leaves is a fun task you can give to your kids, or do as a family, just make sure you wear gloves and have light rakes for your kids. 

Care for shrubs and trees – this includes trimming the dead parts off of any trees and shrubs and keeping an eye on changes (thin pines, needles turning brown, etc.). Consider having an arborist care for trees and shrubs during the fall and winter. 

Stock up for the winter – fall is a great time to stock up on winter supplies.  From ice scrapers, salt and shovels to wood for your stove and emergency kits (for your care and home) – making sure you have everything stocked before you need it will make it less stressful during the time!

Schedule heating system maintenance check (including chimney cleaning) , and ensure all heating units – your chimney, furnace, and boiler – are all cleaned and in working order.

Check your roof – before the snow, and heavy rains begin, take note of the condition of your roof. Look for signs of issues and take pictures so you can compare it in the spring, so you know how much wear and tear it sustained over the season. 

Did we miss anything from YOUR fall home maintenance checklist?

Comment below with your tried-and-true suggestions. We’d love to hear them!

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