Simple Repairs To Help Your Home Sell

Posted by Dave Koszegi on Thursday, December 11th, 2014 at 1:16pm.

Simple repairs

Let's face it, sometimes time can get away from us! When selling a home, we don't always get around to redoing that bathroom, or replacing those cabinets, or any of the other ideas that passed fleetingly as ways to increase the resale value. Now showings are starting to line up and between picking up the kids from school, or reaching that deadline at work (or both!) it's a wonder we have had any time to get the place tidied up for a viewing.

But this is where taking an afternoon, or a weekend, and getting the whole family involved can be well worth the effort. Decluttering your home is just one way that it can shine for potential buyers and help move your family through the process quickly and smoothly.

Here are a few quick fixes that can help sell your home without breaking your bank account... or your back!

5) Organize

Loose papers, toys, equipment, books... let's face it, we all have stuff that tends to pile up. But a trip to the dollar store for organizer bins and stylish storage boxes can help you clean up and hide away the clutter on a dime.

Showcasing the maximum space of a home is key to helping potential buyers see their own furniture in the rooms. Give them that ability to envision themselves there by keeping your own furniture minimal, and clean.

4) Clean The Floors

This could be a fun one to get the kids involved. Who would have thought, right? But if you have scuff marks on your tile floors, those hard to remove black streaks that are usually the result of a rubber soled shoes, you can easily remove them with a bit of creativity.

One of these unique quick fixes is to use a regular eraser. Just rub the scuff and watch it disappear. You can also try white toothpaste and a dry cloth to get rid of spots. For those larger and harder to remove areas, use a tennis ball. By carefully making an X in the top of the ball (not much more than a 1/4") you can insert a broom handle into it and rub the scuffs away!

3) Paint

Help your home sell

These days, a contemporary color palette is highly desirable and if your walls are in need of a paint job, or have been painted to suit your own style, you may want to consider a fresh coat or two to help your home sell.

You can stick to more neutral colours in the main living spaces such as clay, warm grey, off-white and wheat, with deeper colours such as blue-grey or grey-green for the bedroom and baths.

2) Fix Leaks, Squeaks & Creaks

You want to appeal to all buyers, especially the fussy ones. A great detail to pay attention to is leaky faucets and squeaking doors. Put some WD-40 in the hinges for quiet entries and exits. Fix leaky faucets, or shower heads, and consider updating the fixtures if its in the budget. A great showerhead can be a very affordable upgrade.

For those with creaky floors, there are several simple repairs out there. Squeeeeek No More kits can be purchased at hardware stores for carpet or wood floors, while an even faster DIY quick fixes only require a bit of baby powder. Just work the powder into the joints between the floorboards and then walk, jump or do a little jig on the area for a temporary respite from the creaks.

2) Make That Yard Work Count

Maybe everyone's least favourite activity, but you could certainly get creative and make a family game of this one too! Or, if nothing else, suggest a DQ treat afterwards... The term "curb-appeal" is used a lot in real estate, and for good reason. Buyers want a home that shows well from the outside.

Make sure you maximize your own home's potential by weeding, pruning, raking, watering and making sure that your garden and landscaping is at its best. Put away any toys and equipment that looks out of place, and consider planting some fresh flowers to give your own curb a punch of colour.

For more on selling your home, visit our Sellers guide on the website. Questions about simple repairs you can do around the house to help your home sell? Let us know, we're experts in the sellers market here. Call: 250.723.7653.

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