Essential Household Hacks for Back to School Organization

Posted by Dave Koszegi on Thursday, August 9th, 2018 at 12:31pm.

Not to take away from the rest of your long, languid summer days - but September is just around the corner!

This means it’s about time for families to start thinking about back to school and about how to re-introduce structure into our household routines. From the moment the alarm goes off in the morning, breakfasts will need to be dished, lunches packed, and kids walked to school or to the bus stop. And it doesn’t stop there - when they come home, you’ll likely want a household ‘command centre’ to organize keys, electronics, and homework assignments in a nice fashion.

Having a few essential organization strategies in play will help your year get off without a hitch. Here are some that have worked for the Dave Team and our families. Have some of your own? Please comment below - we want to hear about what’s worked for you!

Organize Your Fridge for Back to School

We LOVE this trick! This was a Pinterest find (via Pretty Life in the Suburbs) and it’s a steadfast rule in our households around back-to-school time. Designating specific areas of the fridge for weekday breakfasts and school lunches can make things easy to reach, pack, and yes - make healthy choices. As well, having your “inventory” in a designated spot takes the guesswork out of grocery list-making.

Tackle The Kids’ Closets

“But, I have NOTHING to wear!!!” This is a common refrain (from both adults and kids) that comes along with the morning routines. We suggest starting early by assessing what each child has in their wardrobe. Purge and donate what no longer fits, and neatly organize what does. Make a list if any items need to be replaced before the school year starts, and bring this list with you when you go shopping - it help you keep on track and build a functional wardrobe for an easier morning.

Streamline the Point of Entry/Exit

When it comes to morning routines, the area of entry/exit seems to be where good intentions can languish… it’s easy to get held up (and miss that bus) if you’re fumbling for keys, chargers, or searching for your umbrella. This is the area where you’ll want to spend extra time and energy ensuring everything can “flow” best as possible for a stress-free morning. Having an electronics command centre can be a great idea here too - have this be the area where devices are charged and left during meal times.

Tried and Tested Tip: Use woven baskets with family members’ names on them to store backpacks, purses, hats, and the like.

Have a Special Homework Space For Each Kid

The truth is, it’s more FUN to do homework when you a clean, inspired area to work. If you don’t have a ton of extra space in your home, don’t despair - the key is really just having it free of clutter, and stocked only with the essentials - and keeping it clean and tidy. We suggest selecting a space that is tucked away from the household traffic and away from any screens. You might even find that your kids LIKE going to their homework sanctuary for some peace and quiet after a busy day!

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There you have it, a few back-to-school home organization tips. Hopefully they can help you too, so that you can use the extra time to attend your kids’ activities after school, linger around the dinner table, or toss around a football in the backyard.

After all, the good life is one of the reasons we love living in the Alberni Valley!

Thanks for reading!

The Dave Team

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