Behind the Scenes of our CTV Spot feat. Port Alberni

Posted by Dave Koszegi on Thursday, August 10th, 2017 at 11:19am.

Port Alberni, Vancouver Island’s Best Community

“Woah, that’s cool Dad!!!” was the collective agreement from the Koszegi kids around the kitchen table when they saw the CTV clip for the first time.

And, we couldn’t agree more – the talented producers at CTV did an awesome job of highlighting the FUN we have here in Port Alberni!

What started in summer of 2016 as a dream turned into weeks – then months – of planning, preparation, and eventually, filming.


Having lived here his whole life, Dave has seen our city grow immensely. With the highest income per capita in the 60’s, the future of Port was looking incredibly prosperous… then, a general downturn in the forestry industry in the 80’s resulted in a decline in the local economy.

Fast forward to 2017, and the future of Port Alberni is once again looking bright!

One might even say, it’s the best community on Vancouver Island.

With our relaxed, friendly lifestyle and our economic uptick, we wanted to share all that Port has to with our friends and colleagues living in other Canadian cities and communities, and beyond. We thought our local friends would love it too!

So, why not roll this message into a fun new marketing piece?

Together with Mayor Mike Ruttan and Mayco Noel and the Coulson Group, we thought this would be the perfect way to showcase our city of Port Alberni. And CTV made it happen!

Fun Filming Facts

  • It takes longer than you’d think – 30 seconds took 6 hours of filming! CTV has an expert production crew, who painstakingly put together tiny clips to make a final piece of art.
  • The van is a fifth generation "Libero" edition Sambar Subaru. It was 27 years old and in need of repairs and some fresh paint.
  • Dave found the vehicle on Used Victoria (thanks UV!), and had it repainted at Urgels in Port Alberni.  
  • Half of the video wasn’t even scripted – the high-five was spontaneous, and the footage we got of the jet while visiting the Coulson Group Aviation was an (awesome) surprise as well!

As for the drive-thru run? Well, a long day of filming needs fuel!

The Sky’s The Limit!

Whether you live here already, or just hope to visit (or maybe even relocate) someday – we hope you enjoy.

Please leave your comments below. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

A major thank you to all involved in the making of this spot:

CTV Vancouver Island

Mike Ruttan, Mayor of Port Alberni

The City of Port Alberni

The Coulson Group Aviation

Mayco Noel, Coulson Group

Tim Hortons, 4305 Redford Street

Used Victoria

Urgels Auto Collision Ltd. 


The Dave Team and the Koszegi Family

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