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Keeping your home in top-notch shape is important for resale value and getting ahead of any potential substantial repairs or maintenance jobs before they arise. Not to mention, it sure makes coming home every day even more enjoyable, when everything is sparkling and in prime shape. The spring and early summer is an excellent time to do a deep clean of your home and take care of maintenance jobs. 

Here are three things you can do this time of year to take care of your biggest investment - your home!

  1. Paint

    One of the simplest and most cost-effective improvements is painting. Freshly painted rooms look clean and updated — and that spells value to potential homebuyers. When selecting paint colours, keep in mind that neutrals appeal to the

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We all know Port Alberni is one of the BEST places on the island to experience everything the West Coast has to offer!

We have it all - from hiking, camping, fishing, water sports, restaurants, wineries, galleries and more.

As we progress through our beautiful spring, we’ve built our summer bucket list with the top five activities we don't want to miss. And, we want to hear yours too! 

1. Hike Mount Arrowsmith or the Alberni Lookout 

Standing tall at 1,819 meters, Mount Arrowsmith is the highest mountain on Southern Vancouver Island! The ascent takes about 5-6 hours and crosses some difficult terrain - so be certain to be prepared and that you are physically capable prior to beginning. Always hike with a group, let people know your

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Port Alberni is our hidden gem on Vancouver Island; with everything from hiking to fishing and water sports, it is THE outdoor adventurer’s paradise!

Just at our doorstep, this is a huge variety of hiking trails - all with varying levels of difficulty, experience and physical fitness required. When hiking, pack water, snacks and leave with plenty of time to return to your vehicle before dark. And always remember to bring a friend, hike in a group or let someone know where you are going.

Here are three day hikes you need to do this summer that show the best of what Port Alberni and the Alberni Valley have to offer!

Roger Creek Nature Trail: The Hole in the Wall
Time: 3 hours / Difficulty: Easy to moderate

This is a popular hike and piece of

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Spring has sprung here on Vancouver Island!

Flowers are in bloom, the days are getting longer, and the sun is shining down on our beautiful island. In the real estate world, spring is known as one of the best time of year to sell your home.

Selling your home isn’t as simple as throwing up a for sale sign up in your front yard. There are some key actions you can take to help your home stand out in the market, appeal to buyers and sell quickly.

Spring Cleaning

Boy, doesn’t it feel good to purge? Basements, junk drawers and spare bedrooms have all collected knick-knacks, old clothes and well...things you really don’t need. Taking a day (or two) to tackle the chore of a deep spring clean will leave you feeling good and your house looking even better.

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As we begin to enjoy more sunlight and longer days, our motivation increases to get out for activities with friends and family. Lucky for us, the Alberni Valley is full of fun things to do!

From concerts to fundraisers, we’ve put together a list of must-attend events and activities to put on your March calendar.

Own the Stage - Amateur Musicians Perform Country/Bluegrass/Folk

Come out and meet local amateur musicians practicing the art of performance in a fun, kid-friendly, informal setting. Newcomers can bring a song or two to share with the group. 10 minute max per performer.

When: Thursday, March 1 - 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Where: Char's Landing

Cost: Admission by donation

Beer and Burger Fundraiser for Rollin

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As we approach the hot spring market, more for sale signs are popping up on front lawns, and buyers are coming out of hibernation. This means sellers need to find ways to stand out in the market. Your home may be beautiful with immaculate modern decor, but all buyers do not have the same taste. One piece of advice we have learned is there is a difference between decorating and staging. And staging wins when it comes to a quick sale!

If you do decide to tackle home staging, here are six tips to get you started:

Let your home speak to buyers: Take out any personal touches while your home is on the market. This helps buyers picture themselves and their family in your home. From kids art on the fridge to your Elvis posters in the den; keep all of

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Port Alberni, the heart of Vancouver Island,  is situated in a unique spot… right in the middle of the action!

We’re just a short drive to surfing in Tofino, hiking in the mountains, shopping in Victoria, and much more.

Despite the Island’s mild climate, winter is still packed full of fun, and there is no better start point than Port Alberni! Here are a few of our favourite winter day trips from Port Alberni.

Winter Sports at Mount Washington Alpine Resort

Less than two hours from Port Alberni, Mount Washington is the Island’s ski resort. This year has been a great year for snow, so head up and try your hand at skiing, snowboarding or tubing at Mount Washington’s family tube park! If you’re not an experienced skier, Mount Washington offers a

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Every January, we make plans and set our goals for the year. We set goals to better our health, our finances, and our relationships. But what about our homes? The New Year is the perfect time to take a good look at your home and create a New Year’s resolution list for your home. We’ve kicked off the list with our top four January home resolutions to get you started. 

Less is more.

Simplify your home by clearing out the nonessentials. A decluttered home helps us move through our day with ease; we're not spending all of our energy thinking about the mess! This can be an overwhelming task, especially if you have lived in your home for a while, or have kids. We would recommend tackling one room at a time. Create a list of the essential items in that

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Last month we wrote a blog post featuring North Port Alberni, which included its up-and-coming neighbourhoods, amenities and features. Now, we are taking a deeper dive into the beautiful Alberni Inlet, and the features within it!

Port Alberni is a deep port city which lies within the Alberni Valley at the head of the Alberni Inlet,  Vancouver Island's longest inlet. Downtown Port Alberni is situated right on the inlet, nestled in between mountains, including the iconic Mount Aerosmith. This area provides residents beautiful water views, boat slips in their backyard and access to local shops, breweries, restaurants, galleries, and much more.

The Alberni Inlet stretches from the Pacific Ocean inland roughly 40 kilometers to the heart of Port

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It doesn’t need to be prime summer season to enjoy the benefits of a vacation (or living) on a lake! Residents and visitors to Port Alberni’s Sproat Lake know this well. Sproat Lake offers a variety of vacation rentals, year round homes and recreational properties.

This fall, Randi and her daughter Steph tried a Sproat Lake winter mother-daughter getaway… and they loved it! Randi and Steph stayed at Stirling Arm Lakehouse right on Sproat Lake.

The lakehouse offers visitors stunning south exposure on Stirling Arm with 160 degrees of water views. Amenities include: private sun decks, propane fireplaces, pool table and media room, downstairs bar kitchen, hot tub, bbq, sun deck with propane fire pit, four grass terraces and large dock with a

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