June 2015

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Have you ever heard of stand up paddleboarding - also known as SUP? The width of the board makes it easy to stand on, but balancing yourself in an upright position sure provides a full-body workout! 

Big board, small car? No problem! Photo credit to Brenda Widdess.Big board, small car? No problem! Photo credit to Brenda Widdess.

Last weekend, SUP pros from all around the province gathered in beautiful Port Alberni to compete in the annual Alberni Canal Downwind Challenge. Port Alberni’s waterfront was booming as observers gathered to check out the competitive SUP race from China Creek to Canal Beach, as well as participate in the fun relay race (for those not so steady on the paddleboard) and indulge in some sweet treats offered by local vendors.

 Dave raced on Ean’s team, with Isaac, Darrell, and Damien! Here

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Taking care of your home can be an ongoing process; one that will pay off in the long run as well as make your home life more enjoyable RIGHT NOW! Starting with a couple of small steps and projects at a time makes this TLC feasible for both your schedule and budget. Who knows? You might even enjoy the DIY fun, and find yourself becoming a weekend warrior! 


Create space – The majority of people thrive in spacious, open environments. Do your best to create this breathable atmosphere in your home. The extreme to which you choose to take this is up to you – you could begin with opening up windows, rearranging furniture, or even consider renovating to create a more open concept.  Think of storage and organization techniques to reduce the amount of

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