Listings Coordinator (unlicensed)

Leona Dolling

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Leona Dolling

Leona has worked in the legal field as a conveyancer for a local notary public for the past 20 years. Although she has extensive knowledge on land transfers, she enjoys her new role on the team in a completely different capacity: Listings Coordinator (unlicensed). Leona processes all listings for the team including uploading to the various team websites and partner sites. She has a 3rd degree back belt in Karate and enjoys teaching it to others in the community twice a week. An avid hiker, she loves the outdoors and spending time with her husband, Greg, their two children and dog, Millie. She feels blessed to love her work, family and this beautiful town.

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Office Phone 250-723-7653
Fax 250-723-5615

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